We raised £5m to take the company to the next phase

Aug 23, 2022 2 min read
We raised £5m to take the company to the next phase

Originally published by Suvera

Suvera has been a many long years in the making and today it brings me so much joy to share our first public release announcing our Seed Extension financing round of £5m led by Morningside Ventures, a Boston-based private equity and venture capital firm committed to investing in socially responsible businesses. The investment will allow the company to continue to invest in in our people and technology to reach more patients and partners across the UK.

In addition to this funding we are excited to also annouce the recent appointment of Professor Bryan Williams, Chair of medicine at University College London (UCL) and the President of the International Hypertension society, as a Chief Medical Advisor. We are excited to have the expertise and innovation that Professor Williams has developed over his 30 years career as a leading clinician and researcher in the NHS and Healthcare system across the world.

From tracking blood pressure results to administering prescriptions, We save GP appointments, reduce care waiting time, and improves clinical outcomes by regularly interacting with patients virtually. In less than a year, We have signed with over 40 GP practices, supporting over 20,000 patients to date.

We operate very different to other virtual care platforms in that we are contracted by general practices across the country to virtually manage patients with hypertension and diabetes with our dedicated remote care team and in-house technology. Uniquely we've identified that up to 70% of patients that have interacted with the platform have uncontrolled blood pressure and with 12% of GP appointments in the UK currently dedicated to managing patients with high blood pressure, there is an acute need to reduce this demand for care on practices.

To date we have raised over £7 million in funding also supported by Google for Startups through their Black Founders Fund 2021, Calm/Storm ventures, Ascension ventures and angels including Stephen Bourke, Co-Founder of Echo Pharmacy (acquired by Lloyds Pharmacy owner, Mckesson), Matthew Miller, Co-founder of Ustwo, Chris Kelly, a Google Health research scientist, British actor Colin Salmon and others.

For me personally, this announcement is just the beginning of making public the work we are doing to address the increasing demand on the healthcare system and the continuous workforce challenges across the system. Today none wants to say it but the NHS is not set up to deliver the care that patients deserve. As a trained clinican myself and my co-founder Will we couldn't sit back and not do something to fix this. With Ryzard Akita (our third Co-founder) and the amazing team at the company, we are confident that digital health solutions like Suvera will be apart of the solution - creating better access, more personalised care, while improving outcomes for patients. We work with the system, not against it and our mission at Suvera is to keep people in good health wherever they are in the world. With this continued support from Morningside, we’re excited to grow our team and help provide better care to more people with chronic conditions.

We are building the future of healthcare!

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