Agetech News provides a single, complete source of startup fundings, exits, and opportunities across the entire field of Agetech. In doing so, we’re helping these companies become household names and elevate Agetech from niche to mainstream. Our recently launched Agetech Startup Directory maintains up-to-date information on Agetech startups around the world.

Meet the Team

Max Zamkow is the Editor-in-chief of Agetech News, the only complete source of fundings, exits, and opportunities in the world of Agetech. He also serves as the Managing Partner of Third Act Ventures, an Agetech-specific venture firm where he invests in founders working to change the way we age. With a singular focus on Agetech, Max is able to support and empower visionary entrepreneurs to accelerate the pace of innovation. In addition, Max co-leads the Aging2.0 New York City Chapter, building up the local Agetech innovation ecosystem and connecting to the global network.

Rebecca Hughes is the Chief of Staff at Agetech News. Her responsibilities span across multiple focus areas, including the curation of our Agetech Startup Database, community engagement and program development. With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, including several years spent as a Program Manager and Executive Director at Aging2.0, Rebecca has developed a passion and appreciation for aging innovation. She is excited to contribute to the continued development of Agetech News.

Sarah Thomas is an accomplished leader of innovation. She serves as a global aging expert advising startups, large corporations and investors, with nearly 20 years dedicated to transforming the aging experience. Sarah is CEO of the consulting firm Delight by Design, creating age-inclusive products, brands, spaces and experiences that delight the consumer at every age—in addition, she serves as Executive-in-Residence at Aging2.0. Her insight and experience has been instrumental in the creation and growth of Agetech News.

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