Voxela, Developer of Next-Generation Eldercare Solutions, raised a seed round from the U.S and Japanese venture capital firms specializing in aging technologies

Oct 4, 2022 3 min read
Voxela, Developer of Next-Generation Eldercare Solutions, raised a seed round from the U.S and Japanese venture capital firms specializing in aging technologies

Originally published by PRWeb on September 23, 2022

Voxela was founded in Silicon Valley as a company that uses vision AI to create a comprehensive, personalized database of movements and activities. The company has already developed solutions to detect and prevent falls and wandering accidents.

Voxela's mission is to reinvent what nursing homes should be and to leverage technology to enable excellent and affordable care. Voxela's technology addresses the longstanding challenges of eldercare in Japan and globally.

Voxela VCare is an AI care management service that can perform everything from assessment, monitoring of daily conditions, accident detection, notification, and evaluation. It maintains utmost privacy, collecting only necessary information from cameras already used for monitoring the facility. Voxela VCare enables real-time and medium- to long-term prognosis using data accumulated through daily use.

Compared to other AI-based care management services, Voxela VCare can be introduced regardless of the size of the facility and can use commercially available cameras, reducing costs and operational burdens. The facilities that have installed the system have given strong positive feedback, saying that it can significantly contribute to reducing the burden of daily operation and improving the quality of services while keeping costs down in an era of caregiver shortages.

Since Voxela's inception, the company has expanded the number of clients and received funding from venture capitalists in the United States and Japan in this seed round. With these funds, Voxela aims to develop its functions, increase the number of installations in Japan, and expand to other countries.

Voxela will continue to focus on research and development of AI-based care management that can lay the foundation for eldercare and provide more appropriate care while leveraging the knowledge gained from the aging population in Japan.

Comments from a nursing home facility

Sunrise Group, Mihara City, Hiroshima, Japan - "The Voxela VCare system has enabled us to reliably watch over residents during the night, when staffing levels are low, which had been a challenge for some time due to the facility's layout. We intend to use Voxela VCare not only to solve problems in the workplace (improve operational efficiency) but also to build relationships that will reassure residents and their families and further stabilize the facility's operation."

Comments from the Venture Capitals

Mr. Yasushi Sugawara, Managing Partner, BlackCrow Capital - "Voxela's CEO, Mr. Endo, is developing a solution to reinvent "eldercare" by leveraging vision AI with edge computing that is strongly linked to our awareness of the existing challenges. We are confident he will exceed our expectations as a startup with a strong foundation and team. We are committed to Voxela's business growth to support sustainable care in Japan's aging society."

Mrs. Raissa Hacohen, Managing Partner, Longevity Venture Partners - "Longevity's mission has been to leverage technology to improve standards of care. We are thrilled to support Voxela's seasoned team on this mission to create a new personalized dataset of resident movement in care facilities and streamline operations in order to provide the highest standards of care."

Mr. Max Zamkow, General Partner, Third Act Ventures - "We're extremely excited to back Voxela. Senior care facilities are under intense pressure to increase the quality of care despite declining occupancy rates, caregiver shortages, and many other challenges. Voxela VCare's ability to predict and detect falls and other incidents frees up staff members, allowing facilities to achieve higher levels of care without incurring the high costs typically required."

Mr. Tomohiro Tomiyama, CEO, Risk Taker - "Voxela's CEO, Mr. Endo, has been involved in startup management at the forefront of Silicon Valley and has a proven track record of successful exits. I felt empathy for Mr. Endo's decision to apply his experience and technological capabilities to the field of eldercare, an area of high social significance. We agreed with the company's vision and strategy, so we decided to invest in Voxela because we see that it could compete on a global scale."

About Voxela Inc.
Voxela, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based technology company with a mission to reinvent what eldercare services should be by developing next-generation care management solutions using Vision AI technology so everyone can receive excellent care. Founded in 2021 by serial entrepreneurs Yuta Endo, Goutham Kamath, and Yusuke Yoshida, the company's slogan is "Make Aging Beautiful." Voxela VCare, a next-generation eldercare solution service, is being introduced at Nursing Home/Assisted Living facilities in Japan, and the company aims to expand to other countries. https://www.voxela.ai/

For any inquiries about Voxela, Inc. and its product "Voxela VCare," please contact info@voxela.ai

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