Sioslife secures €2.3M in funding to transform senior care and digital health and plans to double its team size

Feb 11, 2023 2 min read
Sioslife secures €2.3M in funding to transform senior care and digital health and plans to double its team size

AgeTech startup already provides interactive social inclusion and remote care systems to over 500 institutions in Northern Spain and Portugal and now intends to scale operations to multiply the impact generated.

"Sioslife takes a giant step towards improving senior care and health with a 2.3 million euro Series A investment. Their mission: to use interactive systems and digital platforms to bridge the gap in social and digital Inclusion for people over 60 years old."

"This funding round relied on the confidence and commitment of notable investors like António Murta, 3xP Global, Subvisual, and the Social Innovation Fund. Reinforcing its market presence, expanding operations, and pushing the boundaries of product innovation - this is the next step for Sioslife."

"Ready to consolidate Sioslife's competitive position in the Iberian market and beyond! With a focus n international expansion (namely other Spain regions and European markets), this round of investments will supercharge our journey, activating major distribution channels and securing larger accounts," says Jorge Oliveira, CEO and founder of Sioslife.

The company's CEO indicates that they plan to hire for various positions, and the current team of about 20 employees may even double in the coming months. The Product Development and Sales area stand out in the areas covered, but there will also be opportunities for Marketing and Communication, among others.

Sioslife provides technological solutions to increase the quality of life of the elderly and careproviders. Through technology, the company has already made an impact in the community it serves, either through support services such as remote professional monitoring or support for active aging and mental health, thus helping to reduce and prevent social isolation.

"Sioslife is revolutionizing the care industry with its cutting-edge software. With a mission to transform the care paradigm, the platform provides a digital environment that prioritizes socialization, mental and physical health, and remote home support. The whole care equation is valued by the involvement of professionals, the person receiving care, their loved ones, and even public support and social development programs. Whether in a home setting, a care facility, or
through a public program, Sioslife is elevating the care experience for everyone involved."

The COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on the weaknesses of the care industry, but it has also sparked a newfound appreciation for digital literacy and technology. Sioslife stepped up to the challenge, becoming a lifeline for those in need. During the isolation period, our platform offered stimulation and socialization tools to the elderly, digital and remote work solutions for health and care professionals, and peace of mind for families and friends of users. As a result, just in the first month of the pandemic, we saw a staggering 150% surge in the number of registered family members using our mobile app," says Jorge Oliveira, CEO and founder of Sioslife.

The round of 2.3 million euros will now also accelerate new product components in areas such as Digital Transformation of Services - with the improvement of the care planning, registration, and monitoring process in a fully automated manner and with the active integration of seniors into the process - and the future of Decentralized Digital Health - powered by video assistance and telemonitoring.

About Sioslife:
Sioslife is an Iberian company that believes in technology as a central pillar for social and digital inclusion.
Therefore, the primary mission of Sioslife is to contribute to social and digital inclusion and transform the care and
health of seniors through interactive systems and digital tools platforms. Since its inception, the company has
provided its products and services to the most diverse care and health sector entities, from home support
companies, such as nursing homes and the public administration, in Portugal and Spain.

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