P4 Healthtech Startup AERA Health Raises €4m in Pre-seed Round and Launches

Mar 21, 2023 2 min read
P4 Healthtech Startup AERA Health Raises €4m in Pre-seed Round and Launches

Originally published by Fintech Finance News on March 21, 2023

Preventive healthtech startup AERA Health has raised €4 million in pre-seed funding and launched its hybrid digital and physical offering in the DACH region.

AERA Health integrates preventive and longevity medicine into consumers’ everyday lives via existing systems, in order to shift public healthcare’s focus from retrospective damage-repair to predictive safeguarding. Medical and wellbeing data is used to map consumers’ health for the creation of bespoke health programmes with medical professionals. Treatment is delivered via existing healthcare and wellbeing infrastructure and AERA Health’s own plug-in physical spaces.

Investors in the round include former Amazon Consumer CEO Jeff Wilke, Logitech’s President & CEO Bracken Darrell, Neworld.Global, Korify Capital, and Evoleen. The funding will primarily be invested in the rollout of AERA Health’s platform and infrastructure, as well as the ongoing expansion of its team.

Jeff Wilke, former Amazon Consumer CEO, comments: “I’ve been searching for the right wellness partner for years: a company that integrates the latest science, personalised health data, counsel from medical professionals, and terrific tech. AERA Health is building precisely this capability, starting with its exceptional team. It was an easy decision to back AERA.”

The Lancet estimates that 37% of the world population suffers from multimorbidity (two or more long-term health conditions). AERA Health’s disruptive hybrid model brings data-driven P4 (predictive, preventive, personalised, participatory) medicine to consumers via existing healthcare infrastructure. AERA’s digital platform provides personalised health plans created with medical professionals and based on pre-existing patient data and AERA-led analyses, including medical history and wellbeing and fitness values. Treatment is delivered through AERA’s physically integrated partnerships with longevity clinics, medical practices, laboratories, and fitness and wellbeing centres.

The founders divided their leadership roles according to their expertise: Tim-Ole Pek heads up finance and strategy, Judy Okten leads operations and digital product, and Dr. med Andrea Gartenbach oversees clinic operations.

Tim-Ole Pek, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Strategy and Finance of AERA Health, comments: “Consumers increasingly want to take their health into their own hands, but currently, preventive and longevity medicine is either highly exclusive or unavailable entirely. AERA Health’ hybrid of digital health mapping and physical, integrated delivery of treatment will provide the blueprint for a modern, data-driven approach to medicine that coordinates healthcare and wellbeing for the good of all.”

Judy Okten, Co-founder & Co-CEO, Operations and Tech, comments: “The burden on healthcare systems and individuals of preventable illnesses is enormous. Yet only a fraction of it would need to exist if pre-existing data was leveraged in an efficient way. To this end, AERA Health will integrate with everyday life to make health and wellbeing more accessible, congruent, and controllable.”

AERA will enable physicians to develop a holistic approach to the health of patients based on a comprehensive data picture, empowering them to expand their service portfolio and provide future-oriented health plans based on medical and health-related services.

AERA Health will initially serve customers in DACH, with further markets planned. The company will open its first physical treatment space in Munich in April, with more physical spaces offering health checks, orthobiology, and longevity medicine services to follow throughout 2023.

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