Caspar.AI: Creating Solutions That Improve the Lives of Older Adults

May 10, 2022 2 min read
Caspar.AI: Creating Solutions That Improve the Lives of Older Adults

Caspar.AI, a Silicon Valley company, is creating solutions that improve the lives of older people, regardless of their level of living. The company produces practical solutions for older people who reside in residential, assisted living and even memory care apartments, and does so while creating a more efficient operating model for owners of those communities.

“Such solutions can’t come fast enough as the numbers of older people in the U.S. grows geometrically while the number of younger people needed to serve and support their elders isn’t growing at nearly the same pace. Add in the impact of the Covid pandemic and you have a brewing staffing crisis in senior living,” said Caspar CEO and Founder, Dr. Ashutosh Saxena.

It’s obvious to many that technology must play an increasing role to address this growing gap between the number of older people to be supported and the number of workers providing support at retirement communities across the country. A multitude of companies are targeting the situation which compounds the challenge for operators of senior living businesses: Which technology offered will both produce improved quality of life for seniors and have a positive impact on the operating results of the business at the same time?

Caspar.AI has focused on human-centered technologies that benefit the senior while producing a positive ROI for operators. Says Caspar Vice President of Engineering, Corey Gates: “Operators need to invest wisely in technology. They need to look for solutions that work in the interests of both the care team and the senior; and those solutions need to make solid economic sense.”

Saxena and Gates provided three specific examples where Caspar.AI creates operating efficiencies that benefit both operator and resident in a retirement community setting:

  1. How’s Mom? This feature allows adult children and friends to check on a resident’s activity level without bothering either the operator or the senior. This creates a level of insight without additional work on the part of the operator. It also reduces the number of wellness checks that are generated by inquiring adult children and friends.
  2. Automated resident check-in and wellness App. Caspar system allows the operator to have an overview of resident activity. It reduces the need for door tags or other forms of manual check-in systems and further creates an efficient operating model for the retirement community.
  3. Data analytics that inform care planning at higher levels of living. Caspar.AI – without the use of cameras, wearables or pullcords – can track over 30 types of actionable data for staff in assisted living and memory care management. Armed with these actionable data, communities gain a better sense of nighttime behavior of residents, create more focused care plans, and provide better information for the physicians and families of these residents.

Caspar.AI has created a system that leans heavily on patented technology. That technology benefits residents, their families, and operators alike: More actionable data, better data, less guesswork – All delivered in an efficient and cost-saving model.

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