Announcing Vital $2.9m seed round led by Point Nine

Jul 11, 2022 2 min read
Announcing Vital $2.9m seed round led by Point Nine

Originally published by Vital on June 1, 2022

Today Vital is proud to announce our $2.9m seed funding round, to fuel our mission to build the API layer for remote healthcare. Our round was led by Point Nine, with participation from 20VC, Amino Collective, Adventure Fund and Inflect Health,  as well as notable angels Johannes Schildt (CEO - Kry), Kristian Ranta (CEO - Meru Health), James Beshara (Ex-Airbnb, Magic mind), Jesse Dhillon (Plaid), Michael Malis (CTO - and Elliot Rappaport (Elemy Health) (including a few CEO's of major wearable companies that we can't name 🤭)

We're building more than just an infrastructure API

We firmly believe the future of healthcare is preventative care, powered by continuous data from sources such as wearables and at-home tests. Digital health startups are leading the movement, but they struggle to build the infrastructure needed to collect and analyze siloed data. Vital is empowering healthcare developers to automate their remote data collection all with a few lines of code.

Creating new datapoints

Vital will not only increase the interoperability between continuous data sources like wearables and medical devices but will also enable companies to combine clinical information through different modalities of lab testing.

Vital signs are no longer only collected at doctor’s visits and lab testing is no longer limited to annual exams. The continuous, frequent collection of this data through devices and accessible lab testing is a valuable resource of health data that is replacing episodic care. Vital is the layer needed to unlock this data. This type of data was previously untapped without building complex integrations, but now we are seeing companies linking HRV measurements to symptoms of depression, sleep data being used in therapy and health coaching, and glucose data being used to manage and improve metabolic health.

With a unified API across devices and lab tests, digital health and wellness companies can easily use Vital to send at-home lab tests to users and aggregate data from wearables and medical devices. This will allow companies to draw relationships between blood biomarkers and digital biomarkers and gain a deeper level of insight and improve outcomes for patients and users.

What lies ahead

This funding round will allow us to increase the number of integrations with labs, build out our engineering team and expand our partnerships with various devices. All while ensuring we build a developer-first API.

We’re on the cusp of preventative healthcare and we’re already seeing digital and blood biomarkers being linked to predicting onsets of depression and various diseases. We're excited to unlock this data and put it into the hands of healthcare developers and clinical researchers to see what they build. Come join us for this mission!

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